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Black Knight Curse Ebony Blade #2 Ron Lim Variant (Of 5)

USD $ 3.99

THE BLACK KNIGHT'S DARKEST TRUTH OR DANE WHITMAN'S ULTIMATE SALVATION? • Dane Whitman wields the magical Ebony Blade as the BLACK KNIGHT! • A new enemy leaves a murderous trail as they hunt down magical artifacts tied to the Black Knight's origin and to the dark truth behind King Arthur's court and Camelot itself. • A trail leading ELSA BLOODSTONE straight to Dane's door! • If Dane is to stop the coming death and destruction, he must face the secrets of his own past as well as shocking new revelations about the Black Knight's entire history. • Dane has only just begun to realize the Ebony Blade's true potential and power… Will its unending lust for destruction finally consume Dane forever?! Rated T+.