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A Comic Shop was started by Aaron Haaland (me) with the mission to reach out to comic readers and non-readers alike. I didn’t just want to sell comics, but rather to build a community around the store, create a friendly zone that locals could consider their own, all the while promoting the best of what the world of comic books, graphic novels, and their creators have to offer. (Also, I personally had no friends and loved comics. I created an environment where people would talk to me about comics! If only I could tell 10 year old me that it gets better!)


Since our inception in 2006, we have gained a reputation as one of the best comic book stores in Orlando. We’re passionate about creating great experiences, from the racks to our craft beer bar.

Our innovative approach and customer-oriented approach have been recognized by prestigious nominations and awards.
  • A Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailing Award finalist.
  • Voted the best comic book store in Orlando for nine successive years. 
  • A reputation for customer service excellence and gestures of goodwill somehow, idk.
  • Featured on MSNBC and reviewed on Bleeding Cool.


The concept of a bar inside a comic shop fulfills an important requirement: the simple pleasure of relaxing with a comic and a beer. The Geek Easy is a social space for comic fans as well as those who enjoy reading the occasional superhero movie. It’s a meeting place for students from the nearby Full Sail University and for locals who want to enjoy karaoke, TV shows, and movie marathons over a couple of drinks. 

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We’re grateful for the show of support from local comic book fans, who’ve stood with us and seen us grow from humble beginnings to a successful(ish) business. We’re proud to be a community store where everyone is welcome to partake in reading, entertainment, and socialization. Drop into our comic book store in Orlando today, and bring your friends, family and roommates along!
Comic Store Orlando, FL
Comic readers and non-readers can unite at A Comic Shop. 
We have something for everyone! Shop today!

Making Reading a

Our comic book themed bar is a socializing hub for comics fanatics as well as non-readers curious about superheroes or just seeking a watering hole with a kick-ass (and extremely affordable) bar menu and a variety of entertainment.

Monday's are Marathon Monday with random fandom cartoon, TV show, and movie viewing with prizes and themed drinks. Our Geek Trivia Tuesday gives your team a chance to win your bar tab! New Comics Wednesday's is Comics & Crafts feature a new book, a craft beer, AND some kinda geek crafting. Thursday's is an open room with Mint Condition chill DJ music and like minded nerds meeting you to do nerdy deeds. Friday night is Nerdy Karaoke until 2 AM. Saturday our restaurant and bar is open from noon on with special events at night. Sundays the comic shop is open noon to 6 PM, and the bar is generally closed unless we have shenanigans. 

See why we're the best comic book store in
Orlando nine years running!

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