The Geek Easy

In 2013, we got a license to sell beer and wine, and a restaurant license to sell food. Video games, flat-screen televisions, karaoke, and a stage for performances followed. The Geek Easy was born, a democratic space where the couches are occupied by readers, TVs are controlled by Xbox fanatics, and the spotlight is reserved for people to showcase their talent. 

Since 2005, Orlando's best comic shop has been a hub of events and comic-book signings. Nerdcore rap concerts and burlesque nights are a vital part of our entertainment tradition. In 2010, we got the opportunity to expand the social experience and enable people to have more fun. The hairdressing academy next door moved out, and we set forth to transform it into a sports bar for nerds.....without sports. 

It became more than that, empowering locals to make the space their own, and creating a casual environment for everyone to relax and do their own thing. 

Step into The Geek Easy, and you'll be greeted by walls adorned with superhero silhouettes, Han Solo frozen in carbonite next to the beer taps, and video-game vignettes. A vivid collage of comic book panels decorate the top bar, and the usual lampshades are replaced by Super Mario Bros power-ups. 
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