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Events at the Best Comic Book Store in Orlando, FL

Comic book stores usually have two signature events: free comic book day and creator signings. Orlando’s favorite and best comic book store - A Comic Shop - has a cool line-up of events each week. If you want to take a break from class assignments, catch a movie with your partner, participate in games and crafts, or simply have nothing to do, check out our events calendar and save the date. 

Graphic Novels & More

A Comic Shop, the best comic book store in Orlando FL, opens our doors to not just comics and graphic novels fanatics, but movie, television and mockumentary fans too. When in the mood to catch an anime series, a rerun of a canceled super-popular TV show or a movie marathon, we can serve as your television room. 

The drinks are just an arm’s length away, and the bar menu is as delicious as it is affordable. If our idea of full-value entertainment matches yours, visit us today! 

Looking for a comic store in Orlando that supports local artists? You’ve come to the right place. Part of what makes us the best comic shop is that we offer a crafter-friendly space and love to see your creations. It is your chance to share your creativity with like-minded individuals, so we hope that you will make the most of our platform.

There are comic book geeks and then there are trivia geeks who like nothing better than to test their knowledge with epic quizzes. We have an excellent proposition for you: do it from the comfort of our loungers and play to win because winners get more than just appreciation and adulation. We’ll pick up your bar tab and reward you with other exciting prizes.

Want to belt out an Adele number, pretend you’re one of the Beastie Boys, or rock out retro style? Our comic book store can be your karaoke haven, where the applause is always plentiful and the tunes and alcohol spill on until 2 am. 
Comic Book Store Orlando, FL
See why we’re the best comic book store in Orlando, FL – over and over again! Shop A Comic Shop today!


If you don’t want to be a participant, be an observer and enjoy the electrifying atmosphere at A Comic Shop, Orlando's best comic book store. Some events have limited seating, so make sure you check out our calendar, block the dates, and register quickly. 

There are so many reasons why we're the best comic book store in Orlando, FL. 
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